The Amsterdam Stoner Cookbook is your funny guide through Amsterdam with crazy fun stoner stories and recipes.


Walk with Uncle Ad and Chef Wanto through the city of Amsterdam and enjoy their adventures and the inventions of their recipes.

The Amsterdam Stoner Cookbook

  • The Amsterdam Stoner Cookbook containts 15 short fictional stories about the main characters Uncle Ad and Chef Wanto. These stories lead to the 15 recipes which are displayed in the book.

    Besides the stories you'll find funny pictures of Uncle Ad & Chef Wanto wandering around in typical hotspots of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. 


  • Return and Refund policy.


    If you like to return the book, then that is possible if the book it is in its original state. No pages folded, no greasy marks or other stains. Email us within 3 days and make a picture of the book so we know what the state of the book is. You can return it within 14 days since the you received the book.

    As soon as we receive the book and checked its correct state then we will directly refund your money.